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Considering new grips? JumboMax Tour Series Grips might be your #1 option!

Product Review: JumboMax Tour Series Grips

I typically re-grip my clubs once a year at the beginning of the season. I do the installation myself using my own materials, vice, grip tape, etc. Looking at all the various grips available on the market, the JumboMax Tour Series grips jumped to the top as a great replacement option.

Image: JumboMax Tour Series Grips, JumboMax.com
Image: JumboMax Tour Series Grips, JumboMax.com

I had previously used a JumboMax grip on one of my drivers a few seasons back, but when I purchased my newest driver, it came with a standard-sized grip, which of course is “standard” on all golf clubs you’ll find in the marketplace.

Based on my prior results, I decided to go full speed ahead and re-grip my entire set with JumboMax grips this season. I purchased a full set of replacement grips through the JumboMax website, opting for their “Junior” size, which is on the smaller end of their lineup and just slightly larger than oversize or jumbo grips offered by competing grip companies. The grips arrived within a few days and I installed them myself the following weekend.

Image: JumboMax Tour Series Grip, JumboMax.com
Image: JumboMax Tour Series Grip, JumboMax.com

Cost is certainly a factor in any grip replacement and at $11.99 a grip from JumboMax (for each Tour Series grip), the cost of a full set replacement is around $150. This full-set pricing may not be an option for all golfers, but after sharing some of my actual personal scores and improvement data with you, the cost might seem like a bargain over the usual golf turnover most golfers go through each season with new drivers, new irons, new hybrids, etc.

Readers of this blog however, can take advantage of a 10% discount being offered by using the coupon code LG2017 at checkout.


JumboMax Tour Series grips are made from high quality materials and have a very tacky feel. With the oversized grip and feel of the JumboMax Tour Series, both shock and vibration at impact are significantly minimized.

It must be noted – based on the weight of the JumboMax Tour Series grips – a counter-balancing swing weight shift will take place. Golfers should expect a -4 swing weight shift (minimum) after install from a standard sized grip due to this counter-balancing principle. For example: my Driver was a D2 swing weight prior to the JumboMax install. It is now C8. This -4 (minimum) swing weight change is consistent throughout the entire set.

This swing weight shift will be noticeable to some extent by every golfer who swings a JumboMax gripped club and is part of the JumboMax design as a method of increasing club head speed.

Image: Bryson DeChambeau, JumboMax.com
Image: Bryson DeChambeau, JumboMax.com

Personally, one of the differences I found in my game after the JumboMax install was a noticeably higher ball flight. I also had tighter ball dispersion with my misses being far closer to my target both left and right. My distances also increased on every club (most likely due to the counter-balance effect) with approximately +5 yards on irons and +5-7 yards on my driver.


Here is my actual scoring data pre- and post-JumboMax install. I compared my data from the 2016 season with the current data from the 2017 season after the grip install. I used the same amount of rounds … last 20 rounds 2016 season … 20 rounds this season after the JumboMax install.

Actual personal Scores & Stats Pre-JumboMax (2016):

  • Score Average (20-rounds): 78.04
  • Fairways: 5.58
  • Greens: 6.58

Actual personal Scores & Stats Post-JumboMax (2017):

  • Score Average (20-rounds): 76.18
  • Fairways: 7.09
  • Greens: 9.55

Improvements Post JumboMax Install

  • Score Average: ~2 strokes better per round
  • Fairways: ~2 more fairways per round
  • Greens: ~3 more greens per round

Take these stats for what you will. And yes, I keep all of these stats. I’m analytical for sure. It might be a good thing, might be bad. I’ll analyze it and let you know. 😉


  • Great feel, tacky, fits great in hands.
  • Oversized grip significantly eases shot vibration.
  • Noticeably higher ball flight.
  • Tighter ball dispersion / less miss distances left and right of target.
  • Longer every club (noted +5-yards on irons / +5-7 yards on Driver).
  • Expect a -4 swing weight (minimum) shift after install from standard grip due to counter-balance effect.
    • Example: Driver D2 prior to JumboMax install. Now C8. This -4 (minimum) swing weight change is consistent throughout set.
  • Easy grip install. Slips right onto shaft/s, and easy to align grip markings with clubface. *Fill grip completely to top with grip solution and wet grip tape with grip solution prior to install.


JumboMax Grips are manufactured by Dominant Golf, LLC, based out of Lake Park, Florida (Jupiter area). Introduced in 2009, JumboMax Grips have been steadily gaining in popularity, most prominently with the signing of Bryson DeChambeau, former NCAA Individual Champion, U.S. Amateur Champion and current PGA Tour player. DeChambeau used the grips prior to signing with JumboMax, so the partnership was an easy fit. Cobra Golf is even offering JumboMax grips as an upgrade on their new DeChambeau-inspired One Length line of irons. Most recently, PGA Tour player Kelly Kraft, put the JumboMax Tour Series grips into play and promptly finished 2nd at the 2017 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Kraft is now with “Team JumboMax” and currently sits at number 48 on the 2017 PGA Tour money list with nearly $1.3 million dollars in earnings this season.

Image: Kelly Kraft, JumboMax.com
Image: Kelly Kraft, JumboMax.com

Try JumboMax Tour Series Grips! Use the coupon code LG2017 for 10% off your entire order at www.JumboMax.com.

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The secret to making putts: Point-N-Putt SX1 Putter

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 7.42.33 PM

Product Review: Point-N-Putt SX-1 Putter

Right-Handed (available in Left-Handed)

Length: 35 inches

Weight: Customizable

Loft: 2.5 degree

Lie: 71 degrees

Face Balanced Putter


The Point-N-Putt is an attractive putter with a distinctly solid black face and a stark contrasting silver directional focus point. The putter’s inventor, Paul Donaghue, came up with the idea and design of the Point-N-Putt putter after losing the sight in his right eye as the result of mini-stroke, which damaged his optic nerve. Paul found after the loss of vision in his right eye, he was having great difficulty in lining up putts both to the target and also ensuring the face of the putter stayed square to the target during alignment. The design of the Point-N-Putt putter significantly improves a golfer’s ability to both line up to the target but also to ensure the putter face is square to the target as well during the stroke. In Paul’s words, “It is very good for one-eyed people and doubly good for two-eye people.”


When I first began putting with the Point-N-Putt, I was surprised at how easily I was able to line-up the putter and also how great the ball felt coming off the face. In fact, the feel and feedback of the ball off the putter face really jumped out at me as an outstanding characteristic of the putter. At times, face-balanced putters can have a deadened feel off the strike. This is sometimes a result of the face-balanced design itself or the size/weight of the putter (similar in feel to a strike with a cavity-backed iron versus a blade iron). In my opinion, the Point-N-Putt putter is a high-quality, faced-balanced putter with the feel most golfers would associate with a traditional toe-weighted or blade designed putter.


What you will find when you putt with the Point-N-Putt is that the silver focus point on the putter is very easy to aim to the target. What might take you off guard however, will be how you’re focus will move away from the face of the putter and concentrate almost solely on the silver directional pointer during your alignment. This “Pin-Point Accuracy” design was built into the putter intentionally through the separation of the directional pointer from the face of the putter, which makes it easier to focus solely on the silver pointer without the distraction of aligning the putter face. This design automatically squares the putter face resulting in what Point-N-Putt calls “Pin-Point Accuracy.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 5.34.35 PMCUSTOMIZABLE

The Point-N-Putt putter comes with the option to be customized to a golfer’s preference weight and feel. The Point-N-Putt’s triangular weighting design allows for the interchangeability of three weights, one at the toe, one at the heel, and one at the extreme back.  The putter comes stock with 42-gram weights on the toe and heel of the putter and a 62-gram weight at the extreme back of the putter.  This puts the initial weight set-up of the putter at 380g (234 grams + 146 grams in weights). With the additional weight kit (only $10 extra), the putter becomes customizable to anywhere from 360g (three 42-gram weight set-up) to 420g (three 62-gram weight set-up).

I personally prefer the heaviest weight set-up of 420g, but as the green speeds get closer to freeway speeds later this summer, I may find myself lightening the putter a bit to somewhere between 360g and 420g.  This customizable option for the golfer is absolutely outstanding!


From the company’s website, the Point-N-Putt Putter has been independently tested through the Science And Motion (SAM) SAM PuttLab. “In a test against their own putter, over half of the participants (all first time users of the Point-N-Putt Putter) improved their alignment on average 16.5% . . . with the highest improvement seen of 67%.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 7.18.11 PM

POINT-N-PUTTpnp-golf logo

The new Point-N-Putt Putter is a great golf product. Outstanding design, amazing feel, and customizable weight options take this putter to another level in the world of face-balanced putters. If you’re having trouble with putter alignment, putter feel, and distance control; the Point-N-Putt Putter may be the answer you’re looking for. To order the Point-N-Putt Putter or to view more information, visit pnpgolf.com.

Thank you to the Point-N-Putt Putter staff for entrusting thelocalgolfer.com with independent evaluation and review of their outstanding product.

Editor’s Note:  Are you interested in the Point-N-Putt putter? Could more precise directional alignment help your putting? Please share a comment in the comments section. We would love to hear from you. 

BIO: Keith Cook is a contributing editor for localgolfer.com. His career highlights include rounds in nearly every US state and numerous countries throughout the world. He is a retired 29-year US Military Veteran and Ashford University Alumni living in Michigan. Follow Keith and Local Golfer on Twitter @_KeithCook and  @LocalGolfer.

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