Tiger’s Baaack!

PGA Golf was flat out boring last year. I would be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of golf on TV, but I do tend to watch portions of 5-10 events on TV each season. Last year though, after Tiger got hurt I don’t remember watching one event. Not even one! I can’t even describe how much of an impact Tiger has on the game. I would even go out on a limb to say that Tiger is the single most important athlete to their respective game of all time.   I think Tiger’s reach goes so far that he even impacts the golf economy.  I think people play more golf because of Tiger, buy more gear because of Tiger, and watch more TV all because of Tiger.  What do you think?

Loudest Hole in Golf

Have you ever attended a PGA Tournament? If you have, you may have noticed that it’s completely different then attending a baseball game or football game. You have to be still and quiet while the golfer is hitting his shot. No one boo’s when a bad shot is hit or a putt doesn’t even wind up close to the hole. When a great shot is hit, everyone cheers for a few seconds and that’s it. It’s very classy, upscale scene. A scene, which I find to be pretty boring. Being a huge sports fan, I love going to sporting events, to hang out with my buddies, drink some beer, cheer for my team and boo the opposing team. The PGA tour doesn’t exactly give me that fix.

Well not until I found out about the 16th hole at the FBR Open in Scottsdale, Arizona. I recently watched a show about this hole. It’s the complete opposite of every other hole in golf. The 16th is 162 yard, par 3, where 20,000 people pack the bleachers and hillside each day of the tournament. The fans are there to party, drink beer, and watch some golf. The crowd erupts as soon as contact is made with the ball and when the player walks up to the green, they either get very welcoming cheer or a very harsh boo. If the crowd thinks you should have sunk a putt, they will let the pro know by booing them.

“It is the shortest, easiest, most intimidating hole in golf.” Said Aaron Baddeley

“I just love it,” local favorite and two-time FBR champion Phil Mickelson said. “It’s such a cool hole. It’s a hole in and of itself. We just don’t have anything like that, and it’s an incredible feeling. I love playing it.”

In 1997, Tiger Woods, made an ace with a 9 iron and the place went nuts.

“We had flying debris coming in after I made it, and I think I was the first person ever to raise the roof for a shot on the PGA Tour,” Woods said. “It was so loud.”

Has anyone been to this even? I’m definitely planning on making it there next year.