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Best of the Best–Club Sox Head Covers Offer Complete Coverage

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When I run across a golf product that is unique, or I think I’d like to buy, it has to pass the test of functionality. It has to work, for me, on the course. I don’t have a list of “product testability functions” that are tested in a lab. The ultimate criteria for a product fitting’s “Best of the Best” designation is does the product work for me,would I put it in my bag, and would I recommend it to our readers? In my view ClubSox club covers fit the requirements nicely.

Bentley and his pal
Bentley and his pal

I don’t know about you, but I get a kick out of the myriad club covers I see out on the golf course. I think I’ve seen it all in the 30 plus years I’ve been golfing. Golfers have a profound proclivity toward dressing up their bag to fit their personalities. I’ve seen club covers of every animal from dogs and cats, to mice and gophers, horses heads and horses rear-ends, too. No, I’m not talking about golfers themselves. Although, one time there was this one golfer. . . . But, I digress. I must admit, I have even been a victim of the club cover identity purchase when I found a driver cover that looked like my dog, Bentley.

DSCF5141_cropClub covers are tedious. Generally, I end up losing them. They fall off the clubs and never get turned in. They are bulky, difficult to put on, and take time away from moving to my next shot. If I leave them in the basket during my round, I end up leaving them in the basket after the round . . . gone.

Club covers are necessary. They come with the club for a reason–to protect it. Head covers were originally designed to protect the heads and shafts of your woods from damage caused by the clubs jostling around in your bag, especially ones with graphite shafts. And according to one factory rep I met at a golf show, they’re also meant to produce an “identity factor” of their own.

Recently, I ran across a set of club covers that fit LocalGolfer’s “Best of the Best” requirements and more–ClubSox. My first impression of the head covers was positive simplyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA because of their look. Their slim design gives them a tight look in the bag, and they are aesthetically keen. Another plus to the slim design is they don’t interfere with taking out and replacing other clubs.

Another positive is the personability factor. On the ClubSox site, I could choose from a variety of colors and styles. I chose the green and gold “squiggles” design. I liked how the stripes on the sleeves show the number of the fairway woods.

Functionally, all my clubs are graphite, and I liked that the sleeve was long enough to protect the shafts from rubbing on my golf bag’s section separators. I was also impressed with the easy-on/stay-on factor, during my round.

If you are looking for club covers with smart design in form, aesthetics and functionality, ClubSox head covers make the grade. They are a welcome addition to my bag, and certainly earn LocalGolfer’s “Best of the Best” designation.
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