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Cleveland TFI 2135 Satin Elevado Putter: Familiar Look; Better Alignment

Cleveland Golf’s new TFI 2135 Satin Elevado putter has a look similar to that of other two-pronged mallet putters on today’s market, but that’s about where the similarities end. Sure, the Elevado offers great feel and balance, but the copper face and 2135 alignment system add outstanding features add value to an already outstanding product.

TFI stands for True Feel Innovation, a face technology that uses a milled, copper-infused aluminum face cap over a copolymer insert. This gives players the ultimate in feel and consistency across the face. There are three layers that make up the face of the 2135 Elevado putter, giving it a firm and responsive sound and feel. When the ball strikes the clubface, it produces a popping sound and you can feel the response in your hands. The feel across the face is very consistent.

The alignment line on the Elevado putter does not sit on the flange as it does on similar designs. Cleveland’s 2135 technology has created an alignment aid that eliminates false alignment and makes it possible to create consistency and confidence regardless of a golfer’s posture. The two mallet “wings” of the putter are the precise width of a golf ball, while the alignment aid sits precisely 21.35 mm from the ground, placing it exactly in the middle of the golf ball. This creates a focal point that makes it possible for golfers to get a consistent alignment of their putter to the chosen line, whether their eyes are behind, over, or in front of the ball.  No other putter that I’m aware of offers such a precise alignment aid.

The new TFI 2135 Satin putter brings revolutionary feel, performance, and alignment technologies so you can setup and stroke putts more consistently. The new Cleveland Elevado TFi 2135 Satin putter is available in two different versions: standard, which weighs 370g and a counterbalanced option with a head-weight of 405g. Either is available in a 35” or 38” length and can be purchased with a WinnPro X oversized 1.32” grip. The standard version gives superior feedback, while the added length and weight in the CB model really steadies the stroke. With a price point of $149 ($179 for the counter balanced model with an oversized grip) price is not an objection.

The Elevado may not be the best-looking putter on the market, but the performance benefits should overshadow the aesthetics and generate interest. The “wings” add to the overall balance and MOI and do a fantastic job of squaring the golf ball at address. Any golfer who needs more stability and a smoother tempo should at least check it out.

All Cleveland Golf Putters are designed to the highest quality standards and are backed by a customer-friendly warranty. To experience every Cleveland Golf putter and find the right one for your stroke, visit your nearest Cleveland Golf retailer today. Visit the Cleveland website at to find a Cleveland dealer near you.

Considering new grips? JumboMax Tour Series Grips might be your #1 option!

Product Review: JumboMax Tour Series Grips

I typically re-grip my clubs once a year at the beginning of the season. I do the installation myself using my own materials, vice, grip tape, etc. Looking at all the various grips available on the market, the JumboMax Tour Series grips jumped to the top as a great replacement option.

Image: JumboMax Tour Series Grips,
Image: JumboMax Tour Series Grips,

I had previously used a JumboMax grip on one of my drivers a few seasons back, but when I purchased my newest driver, it came with a standard-sized grip, which of course is “standard” on all golf clubs you’ll find in the marketplace.

Based on my prior results, I decided to go full speed ahead and re-grip my entire set with JumboMax grips this season. I purchased a full set of replacement grips through the JumboMax website, opting for their “Junior” size, which is on the smaller end of their lineup and just slightly larger than oversize or jumbo grips offered by competing grip companies. The grips arrived within a few days and I installed them myself the following weekend.

Image: JumboMax Tour Series Grip,
Image: JumboMax Tour Series Grip,

Cost is certainly a factor in any grip replacement and at $11.99 a grip from JumboMax (for each Tour Series grip), the cost of a full set replacement is around $150. This full-set pricing may not be an option for all golfers, but after sharing some of my actual personal scores and improvement data with you, the cost might seem like a bargain over the usual golf turnover most golfers go through each season with new drivers, new irons, new hybrids, etc.

Readers of this blog however, can take advantage of a 10% discount being offered by using the coupon code LG2017 at checkout.


JumboMax Tour Series grips are made from high quality materials and have a very tacky feel. With the oversized grip and feel of the JumboMax Tour Series, both shock and vibration at impact are significantly minimized.

It must be noted – based on the weight of the JumboMax Tour Series grips – a counter-balancing swing weight shift will take place. Golfers should expect a -4 swing weight shift (minimum) after install from a standard sized grip due to this counter-balancing principle. For example: my Driver was a D2 swing weight prior to the JumboMax install. It is now C8. This -4 (minimum) swing weight change is consistent throughout the entire set.

This swing weight shift will be noticeable to some extent by every golfer who swings a JumboMax gripped club and is part of the JumboMax design as a method of increasing club head speed.

Image: Bryson DeChambeau,
Image: Bryson DeChambeau,

Personally, one of the differences I found in my game after the JumboMax install was a noticeably higher ball flight. I also had tighter ball dispersion with my misses being far closer to my target both left and right. My distances also increased on every club (most likely due to the counter-balance effect) with approximately +5 yards on irons and +5-7 yards on my driver.


Here is my actual scoring data pre- and post-JumboMax install. I compared my data from the 2016 season with the current data from the 2017 season after the grip install. I used the same amount of rounds … last 20 rounds 2016 season … 20 rounds this season after the JumboMax install.

Actual personal Scores & Stats Pre-JumboMax (2016):

  • Score Average (20-rounds): 78.04
  • Fairways: 5.58
  • Greens: 6.58

Actual personal Scores & Stats Post-JumboMax (2017):

  • Score Average (20-rounds): 76.18
  • Fairways: 7.09
  • Greens: 9.55

Improvements Post JumboMax Install

  • Score Average: ~2 strokes better per round
  • Fairways: ~2 more fairways per round
  • Greens: ~3 more greens per round

Take these stats for what you will. And yes, I keep all of these stats. I’m analytical for sure. It might be a good thing, might be bad. I’ll analyze it and let you know. 😉


  • Great feel, tacky, fits great in hands.
  • Oversized grip significantly eases shot vibration.
  • Noticeably higher ball flight.
  • Tighter ball dispersion / less miss distances left and right of target.
  • Longer every club (noted +5-yards on irons / +5-7 yards on Driver).
  • Expect a -4 swing weight (minimum) shift after install from standard grip due to counter-balance effect.
    • Example: Driver D2 prior to JumboMax install. Now C8. This -4 (minimum) swing weight change is consistent throughout set.
  • Easy grip install. Slips right onto shaft/s, and easy to align grip markings with clubface. *Fill grip completely to top with grip solution and wet grip tape with grip solution prior to install.


JumboMax Grips are manufactured by Dominant Golf, LLC, based out of Lake Park, Florida (Jupiter area). Introduced in 2009, JumboMax Grips have been steadily gaining in popularity, most prominently with the signing of Bryson DeChambeau, former NCAA Individual Champion, U.S. Amateur Champion and current PGA Tour player. DeChambeau used the grips prior to signing with JumboMax, so the partnership was an easy fit. Cobra Golf is even offering JumboMax grips as an upgrade on their new DeChambeau-inspired One Length line of irons. Most recently, PGA Tour player Kelly Kraft, put the JumboMax Tour Series grips into play and promptly finished 2nd at the 2017 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Kraft is now with “Team JumboMax” and currently sits at number 48 on the 2017 PGA Tour money list with nearly $1.3 million dollars in earnings this season.

Image: Kelly Kraft,
Image: Kelly Kraft,

Try JumboMax Tour Series Grips! Use the coupon code LG2017 for 10% off your entire order at

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Thirsty on the Golf Course? How About Amino Vital?

Product Review: Amino Vital Focus Zone

Photo: FocusZone,
Photo: FocusZone,

I watch a lot of golf on TV and the Golf Channel is an engrained muscle-memory by now on my remote (don’t judge).

During all this viewing, I’ve seen a lot of commercials. One of the commercials that caught my attention was Amino Vital. With clever advertising and prominently placed logos on the bags of PGA Tour stars, I decided to give Amino Vital products a try.

I’m not saying a sports drink will allow me to hit drives as far as Dustin Johnson (one of the company’s most high-profile athletes), but if tastes good, keeps me hydrated, and helps maintain my focus throughout the round, I’m in.

Standing behind their products, Amino Vital confidently proclaims, “Our products are unique in promoting cellular level muscle recovery, repair, and energy. The ability to absorb pure amino acids promotes increased energy and great focus.”


I began with the STARTER pack (16 packets) of the company’s FOCUS ZONE product. The starter pack comes with two flavors: Grape and Lemon. Each packet mixes into a bottle of water (16-20 ounces) or in the Amino Vital mixing bottle (free w/purchase).

Image: Starter (Focus Zone Sampler), *Pricing April 2017*
Image: Starter (Focus Zone Sampler), *Pricing April 2017*

There are a lot of options in sports drinks on the market, so Amino Vital operates in a competitive environment. Some popular sports drinks have great taste, but are high in calories. Others are very energizing, but can have a crash effect when the energy wears off.

I found Amino Vital FOCUS ZONE a perfect blend of the two. Focus Zone has great taste but is low in calories and was not highly energizing, so there’s no crash effect later in the day.

  • With great taste, Amino Vital Focus Zone is an easy go-to on the course. Just grab a packet from your golf bag, mix it in a bottle of water (or Amino Vital mixing bottle) and you’re ready to go.
  • At just 15-calories a packet, Amino Vital Focus Zone is a great low calorie replacement for your regular sports drink.
  • At current pricing (including shipping), Amino Vital Focus Zone is approximately $1.60 a packet. This makes Focus Zone a cheaper, or very competitive pricing option, against all major sports drinks on the market.

Easy Mixing, Great Taste, Great Value!

Try Amino Vital FOCUS ZONE!

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