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New Feature: Check Out Average Greens Fees Before You Play

At the we are always trying to provide our user base with information they need to know before traveling to a course.  We strive to create a medium with the most up to date course conditions based on reviews our user community submits on a daily basis.  If you posted a review in the past few months you may have noticed we started to collect greens fees as part of the course review process.

In just a few short months we have collected over 500 greens fees records and now display the results on our course pages.  On each course page, if we have greens fees data we display an average greens fee for the course.  We hope that this is yet another important piece of information our user base can leverage to select where they book their tee time (which you can also now book tee times right on the course page).

As always “Don’t Play In The Dirt,” check before you play to ensure your balls land on lush fairways rather than rocky dirt paths.

Local Golfer’s Online Tee Time System: now available via TLG course pages!

A couple years ago, the Local Golfer partnered with Golf Channel Business Solutions and to integrate an online Tee Time program.  Since its inception, the feedback has been phenomenal!  The system enables Users to book online Tee Times, providing many market-rate greens fees as well as numerous discounted rates with select courses and rounds.

Just as our partners have continued to grow their relationships with golf courses and provide more available inventory for the online Tee Time program, the Local Golfer has also expanded its public course directory to cover the entire USA.  Additionally, to better serve our users and to help further streamline the online Tee Time booking process, we have recently added the Tee Time application to the individual course pages throughout the Local Golfer.  Now, rather than search through the entire Tee Time system for available Tee Times, simply visit the course page of your favorite public course, read reviews from other Local Golfers, and book your Tee Time!

It’s important to note that not every course in the Local Golfer directory provides access to the online Tee Time program, but our partners are constantly increasing their coverage and inventory of available Tee Times.  Check it out for yourself!  For any additional information, or to contact the Local Golfer with any questions, comments or concerns, please email us at

Hit ‘em straight!

Tips From the Pro – Hit Your Drive Farther!

Chris Oleson, is the teaching professional at the University of Maryland Golf Course in College Park, MD.  He will be contributing a weekly column on called Tips from the Pro.

Let’s hit the driver farther!  First, what will make your driver hit the ball farther?  I have told many of my students that I believe the number one influence on distance is centeredness.  If you hit with the toe, heel, top or bottom,  the ball will not travel as far as if you hit it with the center of the clubface.

Do you know where the ball hits the clubface?  Here is a cool way to find out– put a piece of masking tape on the face of your driver and check the ball’s impact mark.  Now, assuming you can hit the ball in the middle of the club face, keep in mind that faster club head speed at impact will make the ball go farther.

Create More Speed Using Club Weights
To create more speed, get a club weight (Taylor Made’s sleeve, donut, gotcha, etc.) , something that will add 20-30% of weight to the club for this practice exercise.   Move away from where the ball is positioned and swing the driver with the weighted club head fast 10 times.  Then remove the weight and take your driver by the club head and swing the shaft fast 10 times, listening for the wooosh sound in front of where the ball would be.  There are a number of benefits to the wooosh sound.  One, I think of it as the release of energy and we want the shaft to release that energy into the golf ball.  Another benefit of hearing the woooosh in front of where the ball would be is it teaches your hands how to work and eliminates casting.  Now grab the grip of the club and hit balls in the middle of the club face, in balance.  The sequence of the practice swings is important:   the weighted club and then the shaft only.  It is good to repeat this a few times when you practice.

I wish you a great holiday season.  If you have any questions please visit my site or email me at