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copyright Charles Schultz
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“I Could Play on the LPGA if I Played from Their Tees”

“I could play on the LPGA if I played from their tees.”

You may not hear it often (although, I heard it again this week), but every now and then, you’ll hear a good male golfer utter this ridiculous type of statement. Sometimes, even going as far as saying they could beat the women on their own turf.

This ego stroke is usually accompanied by a couple of beers and the logic “if the distances were the same” to be able to justify in their minds their ability to hang with the world’s best women golfers.

To those guys out there – and there are a few – it’s time to pay some respect and get a clue to just how good these women are … even from “their tees.”


The 2015 CME Tour Championship was conducted on a Par 72 / 6,540 yard setup. The winning score, shot by Cristie Kerr, was -17 under par over 4-days of tucked pins, fast greens, high-level pressure, no gimmees, mulligans, or leaf rules.

Photo: Cristie Kerr,
Photo: Cristie Kerr,

YOU – Yep, speaking to you – Mr. “I could play on the LPGA Tour” need to get a bit of a clue.

Your first clue should be to check the yardage/s on your home course. I bet if you do, and are honest about the tees you normally play from, you’ll find the course you play is probably shorter (or within a few hundred yards) of the 6,540 yard course the women just competed on over 4-days (possibly even longer than your course’s back tees).

Still not convinced? Ok then, let’s say you’re a legit scratch golfer at your home course (from your tees). So you move forward to the LPGA tees (if that’s the case) and under all the tournament pressure, on TV, and on a tough course setup, I’d bet even money you’d finish EVEN PAR … at best.

So after 4-rounds, this leaves you -17 shots from the leader, or in other words, getting beat by at least 4-shots a round. And remember, that’s if you’re a legitimate scratch male player, unlike most of the golfers I’ve heard make this statement.

However, here comes the I’d be better than scratch “from their tees,” part of the conversation, because “I’m long off the tee”.


Cristie Kerr (not known as one of the LGPA’s longer hitters) averaged 250.88 yards off the tees, over four rounds, and in the final round, under tournament pressure, hit 14/14 fairways!

As a comparison, Lexi Thompson (one of the LPGA’s longest hitters) averaged 270.25 yards off the tee, over four rounds, and in the final round, under tournament pressure, hit 14/14 fairways!

Photo: Lexi Thompson,
Photo: Lexi Thompson,

But, I know, you hit it 300-yards off the tee and probably hit every fairway as well. Not even on Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’14, my friend.


If you’re a male golfer and have somehow thought or even worse, uttered this ridiculous statement out loud, you should wake up and apologize.

Better yet, the next time the LPGA is in town or near you, attend an event and really pay attention to just how good the women’s top players are.

If that still doesn’t convince you, challenge yourself and prove yourself right. Find roughly 6,500 yards on your home course, play straight-up golf (USGA / R&A rules) on any pin make-up or course set-up you see fit and see if you can break par — on your course — for even one round. If so, keep playing those tees, every day, until you’re a legit +5 or +6 handicap … then maybe, just maybe, you could play with the ladies on tour.

But, you’re a dude … dude, so I have to ask what are you trying to prove in the first place? Oh, and in between your rounds, you might want to google “Billie Jean King versus Bobby Riggs” and see how that one turned out.

BIO: Keith Cook has been a writer and contributing editor at since 2013. Follow Keith @KeithCookWriter on Facebook or @_KeithCook on Twitter.

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This Week’s Winners in Professional Golf!

Congratulations to this Week’s Winners in Professional Golf!

European Tour (The Final Series): Irishman Rory McIlroy, DP World Tour Championship, Dubai (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), $1,333,330 prize money, -21 under par.

Photo: RoryMcIlroy,
Photo: RoryMcIlroy,

Congratulations to Rory McIlroy, 2015 Race to Dubai Champion and winner of the $1,250,000 bonus!

LPGA Tour: American Cristie Kerr, CME Group Tour Championship (Naples, Florida), $500,000 prize money, -17 under par.

Photo: Cristie Kerr,
Photo: Cristie Kerr,

Congratulations to New Zealander Lydia Ko, 2015 Race to the CME Globe Champion and winner of the $1,000,000 bonus!

Photo: Lydia Ko,
Photo: Lydia Ko,

PGA Tour: American Kevin Kisner, The RSM Classic (Sea Island, Georgia), $1,026,000 prize money, -22 under par.

Photo: Kevin Kisner,
Photo: Kevin Kisner,

Champions Tour: *BREAK IN FULL-FIELD SCHEDULE*ChampionsTour

Featured Image: Rory McIlroy, 2015 Race to Dubai Champion,