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Want a Challenge? Try Dudley Hill Golf Club!

“To call the greens postage stamp in size, would be an exaggeration.”

Dudley Hill Golf Club is located in Dudley, Massachusetts. It is 25 miles south of the city of Worcester Massachusetts.  Dudley Hill’s original name was Nichols College Golf Course. It was owned and operated by Nichols College. The college is a highly regarded business school and attracts students from all over the United States and abroad. About a dozen years ago the college sold it to a private owner. It was renamed Dudley Hill Golf Club after the hill in which the college sits, just above the course. It was designed in 1926 by Devereaux Emmett. Two years after Emmett designed the famous Congressional Country Club in Bethesda,Maryland.

On to the golf.  Dudley Hill is a 9 hole course. It’s  a Par 36 with a rating  of 69.7 and a slope of 123 for 18 holes.  From the tips it is 3,233 yards. From the whites and red tees it is  3,007 and 2,594 respectively.  At first glance, the Hill comes across as a bomber’s paradise. It can be. The fairways are very, very wide. Some as much as 45 yards, and crossing into other fairways doesn’t generally Dudley Hill3punish the tee ball. The trick is don’t go left. The first 7 holes, woods, out of bounds and the like are all to the left. Being that the fairways are generous, and trouble is basically a one way miss, sand traps are not a major issue, and water really comes into play on two holes, with a severe right side slice.

One would think that scoring should be a breeze. Not the case. One would wonder how a relatively short, wide open  course would earn a respectable 123 slope. Well it’s in the greens and bluegrass/bentgrass mix collars that surround the greens. To call the greens postage stamp in size, would be an exaggeration. They are tiny, Dudley Hill2hard and speedy. To get a 30 foot putt at Dudley Hill is nearly impossible. Long putts would be in the 20 foot range. While the land surrounding the greens is of the slight rolling variety, the greens themselves are fairly flat. There are slight breaks left and right. The plan of attack, is to go no farther out from either edge and firm. Over reading is easy. When one looks at the lay of the land around the greens, don’t over read, center cut to edge, and firm will do the trick. Approach shots to these greens can be a nightmare. With the thick collars, bump and runs are a marginal success at best. More often than not they get stuck in the bluegrass/bentgrass mix. Pin seeking is as nearly impossible. The size and firmness of the greens almost always won’t allow it. So, landing the ball , usually 5 to 10 yards in front, with one hop, and a little roll usually will find you within 10 feet or better of the cup. Remember edge or center, firm.

The condition of the course is from very good to excellent. The greens roll true and are in good condition.  Irrigation for the course is supplied from the small man made pond.

The staff is friendly and accommodating. Tee times are readily available. Except during League nights or during Members Tournaments. Pace of play is usually quick. Depending on the time of day, an average 18 hole round can be played in 4 hours or less. By today’s standards, that is a plus. I highly recommend this little known, out of the way venue, for an enjoyable day of golf.

Kevin Wonoski-snipPlease welcome guest writer Kevin Wonoski.  He has served in the Navy and has played many courses around the world. He resides in Massachusetts.


One Golfer’s Opinion:Fall and Winter Are Upon Us

Ahh, that first smell of fall and winter has arrived.  We all know the smell, that first smell of the really cold air and the faint smell of snow in the background. It’s not062 snowing – yet – but here comes fall and winter right around the corner.  For those of us who in the northern states, we’re already loading up our golf bags with stocking caps, winter golf gloves, and hand warmers.

However, don’t pack it in and put the clubs away for the year when it turns cold this season.  Fall and winter can be a great time of the year to enjoy golf even when the playing opportunities shrink down a bit.  There are always great things to enjoy during the fall and winter season of golf.

Great Deals130_crop

There are great deals to be had on courses throughout the country.  Check out deals on the internet, advertisements in magazines and newspapers, or cruise the state and region pages on

Fewer Golfers

The courses become less crowded and there is a lot more opportunity to practice and play your own game in quieter conditions and really enjoy your time on the course.

Practice Time

Fall and winter can also provide you an opportunity to tune-up your game using indoor launch monitors and indoor practice facilities.  You can become the best indoor putter on the planet if you setup your own indoor putting range or buy aCBRA1030-BLK june 2013 w clubs putting green or putting mat to practice on.  These putting greens and putting mats drop to some of their lowest prices of the season during this time of year. How cool would it be to emerge from the “off season” as a more sound and polished golfer with a better putting stroke and all-around game?

Equipment Check–OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGet your clubs, bag, and shoes in shape.

  • Take a good look at your clubs – do they need to be re-gripped, cleaned, or replaced?
  • Your golf bag – when is the last time you cleaned it out and waterproofed it with Camp Dry® or other same type product to protect it from the elements? Or, maybe even bought a new one?
  • Your shoes – is it time for new pair, throwing away an old pair(s), a good cleaning, new spikes, or adidas-porsche-golf-shoes-xlwaterproofing?

Catch Up On Your Reading

Learn about the game and its history.  Fall and winter provide a great time to review and learn about the game through golf magazines, publications, and books.  Some of my favorites include:

Down The Fairway, by Robert T. Jones, Jr. and O.B. Keeler

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, by Ben Hogan with Herbert Warren Wind

Golf Is Not A Game of Perfect, by Dr. Bob Rotella with Bob Cullen

And Then Jack Said to Arnie”, & “And then Arnie told Chi Chi”.  A series of books and a collection of true golf stories by Don Wade.

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings From a Lifetime in Golf, by Harvey Penick with Bud Shrake

Golf By Design, By Robert Trent Jones III

Instead of putting those clubs up for the season, think about taking advantage of this year’s change in the weather and really enjoy the game of golf year round.

BIO: Keith Cook is a contributing editor for His career highlights include rounds in nearly every US state and numerous countries throughout the world. He is a retired 29-year US Military Veteran and Ashford University Alumnus living in Michigan. Follow Keith and Local Golfer on Twitter @_KeithCook and  @LocalGolfer.

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A Recap Of The Deutsche Bank Championship

Last weekend was a thrilling one for golf fans, as the Deutsche Bank Championship, played at a gorgeous golf course in Norton, Massachusetts, offered some absolutely spectacular play, as well as a number of surprising and entertaining results. Henrik Stenson won the tournament, which all things considered was filled with unexpected finishes and performances. So let’s take a look at 5 main surprises and highlights from the weekend at Norton!

golf_a_stenson_gb1_2001. Stenson’s Win

We may as well begin with the winner. Stenson’s finish may not have been a total surprise to people who follow the PGA Tour closely, as he’s actually had a number of top-5 finishes in the late summer season. However, the fashion in which Stenson won would have been surprising for anybody. His 5-under performance on Sunday capped off what ended up at -22 for the entire tournament – a scintillating winning performance.

2. Tiger’s Flop

It may come as no surprise that Tiger Woods entered the tournament as the heavy favorite. At the Betfair news betting exchange, Tiger was given almost double the odds to win the tournament as the next betting favorite (Adam Scott). Also worth noting is that this status as favorite wasn’t due to his name and reputation so much as some truly stellar play this year. For this reason, Tiger’s -4 finish (good for a tie for 65th place) was quite surprising.

3. Jason Dufner’s Finish

Perhaps it’s time to stop being surprised about Jason Dufner. Seen by many as the goofy guy on tour, Dufner made headlines with his PGA Championship win at Oak Hill, and many assumed it was a bit of a flash in the pan. However, considering his other strong finishes lately, Dufner may be here to stay. His -15 finish at the Deutsche Bank was good for a tie for 9th place.

4. Adam Scott at 53rd

If any pro golfer has looked as consistently strong as Tiger Woods this year, it’s been Adam Scott, who’s put together a spectacular 2013. He’s been the definition of consistent this season, which is why a 53rd place finish was uncharacteristic, and qualifies as one of the bigger surprises of the Deutsche Bank.

5. Jordan Spieth’s Surge

Arguably the most enjoyable round of the tournament was Spieth’s Sunday finish, which was quite spectacular. Starting the day off pace and out of the question in terms of challenging to win, Spieth put together a -9 on Sunday, including a dramatic Eagle on 18. The surge only put him into a tie for 4th place, but it was still an incredible finish to the tournament.