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Eagle Point Golf Club–Membership



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For a limited time only:

If you are looking for the best membership value and the area’s best greens, you’ve come to the right place!

Eagle Point Golf Course is now offering a promotional reduction of the initiation fee! No longer will you have to pay $2,500! Individual membership initiation fee is only $500 with low dues at $152 a month. Family memberships pay $1000 and $189 a month.

Under 35 years of age? We have a program for you. Individuals pay $250 initiation fee and $125 a month, families pay $500 and $175 a month!

Just imagine the ease and convenience of playing golf without having to get out your wallet to pay each time you visit your club. Eagle Point Golf Course Membership does just that and also allows you to enjoy the best greens in the area.

Check out the Great Benefits of Membership at Eagle Point Golf Course by clicking here!

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