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Hip Mobility: Eliminate the Sway and Slide in Your Swing

Improper hip rotation reduces power. Lack of hip mobility can cause golfers to

lose that power in their swing. If you have the dreaded “sway” in your back swing,
or the equivalent power stealing “slide” on your down swing, this quick tip may
help you out!

Why hip mobility helps:

The sway, or moving your hip over your back foot during the backswing, happens
when you fail to “internally rotate” your hip on the take away of your swing. It
may also be caused by limited “external rotation” of the front hip, causing you to
sway or move your hip past your back foot during the weight shift.

For the slide, the opposite characteristics usually exist. If you are unable to rotate
around your leading leg at the hip on your down swing, you may tend to slide
through the shot as you come to your finish.

Both the sway and the slide contribute to “falling back” on your follow through,
and a “slice” trajectory.

In this quick video I demonstrate a few great exercises you can perform to increase
hip mobility, stability, and strength to help eliminate the potential of a sway or
slide in your swing.

During the exercise, perform 10-15 reps of each exercise and attempt to progress to
the more advanced variations shown in the video as you become confident with the

To a better body for a better game,


Adam Huycke is Director of Fitness for the American Golf Federation. He
is a TPI certified professional and is based in Bend Oregon. To view more
exercise videos or reach Adam please visit: or http://