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Ankle mobility and your golf swing

OB Performance Club-LogoIncrease your ankle mobility for more consistency in your golf swing.

Proper joint function is key to performing a quality and consistent golf swing. In today’s video we are going to take a look at your ankle mobility it can help you maintain your connection to the ground during your golf swing.



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Schwinnnng! Avoid Swaying During Your Golf Swing

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Hey, LocalGolfers!

It’s simple… Lateral movement during your golf swing (a sway/slide) is not good.

The sway or slide changes your center of gravity – forcing an unrealistic demand on your timing – leading to inconsistent golf swings (especially as you fatigue during 18 holes).
Sure poor swing mechanics may be leading to this lateral movement, but chances are, your lacking key physical patterns.
I shot this quick video (4 minutes) outlining the key physical attributes that may be causing your sway or slide – how fix them – and how to enhance your rotational power as a result.
Adam Huycke

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