EQUIPMENT REVIEW: Simple Swing Repeater™ Training Brace


The Simple Swing Repeater™ Training Brace, by Pete Buchanan of, is designed “to assist the golfer in maintaining and developing the proper positioning of the lead wrist and the angle formed between this wrist and the shaft of the club at address throughout the golf swing. This results into delivering the club back to the original address angle and square at impact. This is a key component of the Plane Simple Golf Swing.”

Image: Simple Swing Repeater™ Training Brace,
Image: Simple Swing Repeater™ Training Brace,


The Simple Swing Repeater™ (or SSR as it’s sometimes called) is made of high quality, durable, and strong materials. It comes in quality packaging with a 4-lesson DVD, which will show the golfer how to wear the brace and use it during full-swing and short-game practice or play.

The Simple Swing Repeater™ Training Brace retails for $99.99 and is available in either right- or left-handed models. It is designed to be worn during practice, but can also easily be worn during actual play (*non-tournament/USGA rounds for those concerned).

Image: Simple Swing Repeater™ Training Brace,
Image: Simple Swing Repeater™ Training Brace,


When you first take the SSR out of the box, it may remind you of a wrist brace you might wear during an injury to your wrist or forearm area. However, specifically designed for golf, the SSR is easy to put on and can be worn with or without a golf glove (although I believe most golfers will like it better with a glove on). The straps strongly hold the SSR in place and allow golfers of all sizes to utilize the training brace.

The first thing a golfer will notice after putting the SSR on is the snug fit and the obvious fact the SSR works 100% EXACTLY as it was designed. The SSR isolates the lead wrist and literally locks in a more “one-plane” swing. I also discovered with the lead wrist locked, the swing becomes more core-oriented due to the necessity to activate the body to achieve the full swing position.

  • Full Swing Training:

Using the Simple Swing Repeater™ in full swing practice, I found good results in ball contact and was pleasantly surprised to see no loss of distance (which I expected). In fact, squaring the club at impact resulted in more solid ball contact to offset any initial feeling I had of a shorter swing.

However, it must be noted, the SSR brace will immediately identify any significant hinge in your lead wrist during your swing. How does the SSR identify the hinge of your wrist to you? Well the SSR’s hard brace will dig into your top hand and knuckles when/if you try to hinge your lead hand during the swing. It’s a very physical sensation and will tell you right away the training brace is working. You may end up with some sore and red knuckles during your first few training sessions.

Over time and through continued use, I found my wrist hinge decreased and also discovered after removal of the training brace, I had developed muscle memory as if the SSR was still on.

  • Short Game Training:

While I like the Simple Swing Repeater™ in full-swing training, I believe the SSR’s most valuable use is as a Short Game Training Aid. The ability to teach a golfer to minimize wrist hinge and develop a one-piece take away in pitching and chipping has been a challenge for golf instruction for years. The Simple Swing Repeater™ Training Brace accomplishes this feeling right away by locking in the lead wrist. In fact, a very solid and repeatable pitching and chipping stroke can be developed by any golfer using the SSR without even understanding the philosophies or geek talk behind the instruction itself. Any golf instructor could benefit any/all of his/her students through simply having them wear the SSR during all forms of short game practice (to include bunker play) and working with them on the basics.

  • Putting:

Just like in other parts of the short game, the SSR is a valuable training aid in developing a consistent putting stroke. Putting is the most independent and individual element of the game, but learning to take your wrist/s out of the putting stroke will lead to better consistency on the greens. The Simple Swing Repeater ™ will lock in the wrist and – at a minimum – allow the golfer to feel what it’s like to putt more in a triangle form due to the lead wrist being locked in place.


The Simple Swing Repeater™ Training Brace delivers exactly what it promises and functions exactly as it was designed. It is a simple piece of technology specifically created with the golfer in mind. It is a high-quality, durable, and storable training brace, which will fit easily into any golf bag. It is easy to put on, easy to use, and will provide the golfer with the feeling of a one-plane swing with no wrist hinge in the lead hand. Lastly, the Simple Swing Repeater™ Training Brace can be worn and used during actual play on the course (*non-tournament/USGA rounds), which is something not many other training aids can claim.


  • Delivers, exactly as designed, a locked in wrist-free, one plane swing
  • Extremely effective short game training aid
  • Engages the core during the full swing to provide the golfer with the feeling of a full swing where the core must become more involved
  • High-quality materials
  • Easily worn (during practice and actual play)
  • Easily stored in golf bag


  • Through initial use, brace may dig into top/lead hand and knuckles as the golfer gets use to minimizing (or eliminating) wrist hinge during the swing
  • $99.99 price tag may turn some golfers to other training aids (DVDs, etc.)


March 2016-April 2016

Keith Cook

Handicap: 0-5


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Photo: Haru Nomura,

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Photo: Michael Allen (left), Woody Austin (right),

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