Sergio Garcia Back on Social Media?

Sergio Back on Social Media
Sergio Back on Social Media

Local Golfer’s December 2013 article Sergio’s Year? looked at the possibilities of Sergio Garcia having a great year in 2014.  Since then, Sergio has won twice, most recently at the Qatar Masters.  Sergio has been somewhat a recluse with the press and social media over the past two years.  His last Facebook page update was a cover photo update in March 2012.  His last Twitter page update was a very short and succinct tweet (posted in both English and Spanish) on 6 Aug 2011, Hello everybody! I want to tell u all that I’m not gonna be tweeting. I’m very sorry! Thanks for your support!!”  That was until today!

Sergio back on Social Media?

Today, 30 January 2014, Sergio updated his cover photo on Facebook.  Within two hours of the post, he had almost 1,000 “likes” and almost 50 comments.  There were a few haters – normal for any sports figure, but 99% of the comments were extremely positive and supportive of Sergio.  The way I look at it, just leave the haters and name callers behind.  Hire a moderator and block the knuckleheads (nice word) from the pages like a majority of the social media personalities in today’s world have done.

What’s next?

I have wanted Sergio to reengage on social media for some time.  I am a fan of Sergio and his talent.  I hope this most recent post on Facebook signals a reengagement with the fans on social media.  If so, I believe this will be a great thing for Sergio and even better, maybe even a great source of positive energy for his life and golf game.

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BIO: Keith Cook is a contributing editor for His career highlights include rounds in nearly every US state and numerous countries throughout the world. He is a retired 29-year US Military Veteran and Ashford University Alumnus living in Michigan. Follow Keith and Local Golfer on Twitter @_KeithCook and  @LocalGolfer.

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Since it’s inception, Spare Golf has been experiencing steady growth, with new auctions items being added daily.  “We’re looking forward to the coming months as we continue to make new industry partnerships to ensure new and innovative products are available on our website,” said Jon Hernan.  “We want to offer all items related to golf, not just equipment; a place where users can bid on things such as golf school packages, lessons, and even tee times. If it relates to golf, we want to have it available.”

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Frustrated With Your Golf Game? Do You Have The Right Perspective?

breaking clubs2014 Golf Resolution – I am not a Tour Professional

At the beginning of every golf season, I set goals for improvement. After the season, I review those goals to see if I was able to meet or exceed them. In years past, I have set specific goals such as “improve my putting by 3 putts per round, hit 4 more greens in regulation per round,” etc. However, this year, I added one.

This year, I will remind myself, I am not a Tour Professional.


Remembering I’m not a Tour Professional may sound like an odd goal to you, but it might actually allow me to give myself a break every once in a while. You see, every year my expectations are set high when it comes to golf. I play a lot of rounds during the season and I love to practice as well. Because of this, I expect to hit good shots and can sometimes become frustrated, discouraged, and even angry when I make mistakes like missing a green from the middle of a fairway, hitting a ball out-of-bounds, or missing a “makeable” putt. But, why are my expectations so high?  Should I expect to hit every green from the middle of the fairway?  Is hitting every green, or making every “makeable” putt realistic . . . for me . . . for anyone?


This just in, Tour Professionals miss greens, they miss fairways, and they miss putts as well; so why wouldn’t we? A bit tongue in cheek, but my point is where golf is concerned, sometimes we judge ourselves from a goal of perfection and not from a point of reality. At times, we all seem to expect and maybe even demand perfection on every shot.

Is this “perfection” we seek realistic on every shot? If not, what is the reality and how can we use that reality, to help set our expectations when we hit the links? Looking at the data, it looks like we’re being a little too hard on ourselves.  Take a look at some of the 2013 PGA Tour statistics, and you’ll see what I mean.

Henrik Stenson
Henrik Stenson


Scott Piercy
Scott Piercy

The best PGA Tour Pro in 2013 for GIR was Henrik Stenson at 71.96 percent – approximately 13 greens per round.  Down the rankings a bit, Scott Piercy, at number 150, hit 62.31 percent of GIR/11 greens per round.  Wow, the best in the world in GIR last year missed on average five greens per round . . . and even number 150 on the list missed seven?

  • Maybe hitting every green in regulation is unrealistic for me  – maybe.


Stewart Cink
Stewart Cink


Jerry Kelly
Jerry Kelly

Ok, but that’s just GIR.  How about fairways?  Last year’s leader in Driving Accuracy was Jerry Kelly at 71.81 percent/10 fairways per round (on a typical course with four Par 3s).  Stewart Cink was number 150 on the list with 57.19 percent/8 fairways per round.  Wait, the best in this category missed an average of four fairways per round and number 150 missed six per round?

  •  I wonder if I should improve the way I think around the course – probably.


Phil Mickelson
boo weekley
Boo Weekly

All right then, how about putting?  This is the part of my game I’ve worked on the most over the past year.  The best putter on tour last year was Phil Mickelson with a 1.718 average per green.  Phil also had the highest birdie conversion rate on tour at 34.97 percent.  Boo Weekly was number 150 on the list with a 1.805 average per green and a birdie conversion rate of 27.87 percent.  Ok, hold on!  If Phil Mickelson putts an average of 1.718 putts on every green and only converts 34.97 percent of his birdie opportunities, why do I get so upset when I miss a putt?  Am I a better putter than Phil Mickelson?  Hmm.

  • Maybe I should give myself a break or two during the round – definitely!



As golfers, we can expect too much from ourselves at times. We can demand perfection on every shot and when perfection evades us, we lose our tempers, ruining our rounds in the process. I’ve played with many people over the years, who have momentarily lost their minds after they’ve hit a bad shot or have missed a short putt. I once played a round with a friend who snapped every shaft in his bag after a tough round. It’s a funny story to tell afterwards, but is always embarrassing for the person who lost control, and all unnecessary in the end. In his defense, he said he was planning on re-shafting all his clubs anyway.

Addictively though, it’s the drive for this perfection we should all continue to seek, but we should balance our drive to improve with some reality. The reality is, the best pros in the world don’t hit perfect shots every time. They miss their share of fairways, greens, and yes, they miss putts – even “makeable” ones.

The difference can be summed up in a quote from Ben Hogan: “This is a game of misses.  The guy who misses the best is going to win.”


Don’t get me wrong. The drive for perfection is what keeps us coming back.  It’s why I love golf. But Hogan was right, controlling our misses . . . and maybe even on a deeper level, expecting and accepting them, is the key. Everyone has experienced it. You’re golfing. It’s been a tough day, and you’re wondering why you ever decided to pick up this game. At the lowest points, you start to wonder how much you could sell your clubs for. You wonder if the club would refund or prorate your membership. Come on, admit it, we’ve all been there.

Then, just as if someone heard you, you hit the best shot of the day, and all is right with the world again.

My hope, for all our golf games in 2014, is for all of us to give ourselves a break every once in a while and enjoy the game a little bit more. We need to continue to set our goals on perfection, work to improve our weaker areas, but also to remember to balance those goals with a whisper of reality. I hope your 2014 golf season is filled with a ton of perfect shots, but also with a ton of “best misses.” See you on the links.  

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BIO: Keith Cook is a contributing editor for His career highlights include rounds in nearly every US state and numerous countries throughout the world. He is a retired 29-year US Military Veteran and Ashford University Alumnus living in Michigan. Follow Keith and Local Golfer on Twitter @_KeithCook and  @LocalGolfer.

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