LocalGolfer.com Pledges Participation in Southern Oregon Crater Comet Fundraiser

LocalGolfer.com is committed to the golfing community through participation in tournaments dedicated to raising money for the benefit of school sports and charitable causes.  We are proud to support the Crater High School Basketball Golf Tournament, at Stone Ridge Golf Course in Eagle Point, Oregon, on September 15th.  Please join us in promoting the Crater Basketball program with your participation.  “The community of Central Point has always been supportive of all sports,” says Randy Eek, Director of Promotions for LocalGolfer.com.  “We are happy to be able to be involved.  It’s sure to be a lot of fun!

“We’d like to thank all the sponsors, including Southern Oregon Subaru, for their generous donations,” says John Parent, one of the tournament organizers.   We still have a few team spots open.  We also have some tee signs available if anyone is interested in contributing by sponsoring a hole.”

If you are interested in participating in the tournament, or being a business sponsor, contact John Parent at John.parent@bcsi.com 541-301-2163 or Todd Marineau at toddmarineau@yahoo.com 541-621-5006.  For registration and info forms, click here.  Crater Golf Tournament Forms

Prepare For Better Golf: Exercise Cheat Sheet for 1st Tee Warm-ups

The game of golf places a lot of stress on the body. It is critical to warm up the body’s key regions in order to achieve optimal performance on the course, and keep yourself free of injury, so you can enjoy your golf game. When you are in a hurry, late to the tee box, or don’t have time to hit the driving range before your round, use the “First Tee Cheat Sheet” exercises for a quick warm up before your round.

I have provided a printable PDF for instant download to help you get your round started RIGHT!  The exercises in the PDF focus on opening up the entire body quickly to allow you to perform a full turn while maintaining posture. If you come to the first tee right from work, chances are you have tight hamstrings and glutes from sitting all day. It is important for proper power transfer, as well as your ability to maintain athletic position consistency, to establish proper tissue length. The leg swing and knee pull exercises are excellent ways to prepare these regions for the demands of the golf swing.

Have fun with these quick “1st Tee” warm-up exercises.

For more information on performance and golf specific fitness, please visit us at http://fitness.agfacademy.com.  While you are there, don’t forget to download our FREE Golf Fitness Guide featuring over 50 golf specific exercises.  They will not only improve your game, but your body as well.

To a better body for a better game!

– Adam

Adam Huycke is Director of Fitness for the American Golf Federation.  He is a TPI certified professional and is based in Bend Oregon.  To review more golf exercise information, view exercise videos or reach Adam, please visit: http://AGFacademy.com or http://AGFfitness.com



Ian Poulter Hates Beth Page Black

After shooting a 76 on the last day at the Barclays, Ian Poulter bashed the greens keepers, PGA officials, and the host course Beth Page Black.  He took out his frustration on the lack of moisture on the greens and the poor course setup.  Many golfers struggled to shoot at or below par in the afternoon as the greens became very hard and dry.  Very rarely do you see a pro golfer three putt multiple times in a round, and that became the norm on Sunday afternoon.

Ian Poutler sounded off on twitter after his Sunday round.

The worst course setup I have ever played in 13 years on tour. They have ruined what is a great course, greens like concrete stupid pins.

I saw 2 of the best putters in the world 4 putt the same hole. Tiger had four 3 putts never has that happened before. Same for everyone…..

As you can see Poulter was pissed off.  I think it is fairly well known that Beth Page Black is a dog track and it is one of the longest on the tour which makes it more difficult.  Although, there is a lot of history behind the course, I think this course has outlived its time on the tour and it should probably move off the tour.