Dufner Wins: Sudden Death vs. the Big Easy in the Big Easy

To quote Cosmo Kramer, “The library investigator’s name is actually, Bookman?  That’s amazing. That’s like an ice cream man named, Cone.”  With that in mind, I find it hard to believe another player on the PGA Tour could have a better name than Jason Dufner!

Stan Badz / PGA Tour

Earlier today Dufner entered the final round of the 2012 Zurich Classic of New Orleans at TPC Louisiana atop the leader board, holding a 2-stroke advantage over the field.  However, Dufner expected he would be in for a battle all afternoon, and Ernie Els, who began the day 3-strokes behind Dufner, made it a reality with two quick birdies on the 4th and 5th holes.  From that point on, it was the Els & Dufner show, trading the lead back-and-forth numerous times before settling in at 19-under to send the Classic into Sudden Death.

Both Dufner and Els made Par on the 1st playoff hole, but after Els’ drive on the 2nd playoff landed in a fairway bunker, it was clearly Dufner’s tournament to lose.  He took full advantage of the opportunity, knocking in his birdie putt from less than 3-feet to claim his 1st career PGA Tour victory.  It may have taken 164 PGA Events, and two losses in 2011 in other playoffs (Mark Wilson in the Waste Management Phoenix Open; Keegan Bradley in the PGA Championship), but it’s a huge milestone for Dufner.  The win also moved him up to #9 in the 2012 FedExCup standings.

Like all great wins, aside from a great 4-days and 72-holes of play, it required some luck and some heroics.  Fortunately, I tuned-in to the event just in time to watch the “these guys are good” magic unfold.  On the Par-4 16th, Dufner nearly let his name state his claim for the round, knocking his tee shot into the muddy area alongside a water hazard.  Had there not been an alligator positioned less than 10-feet from the ball, Dufner may have played the shot, but instead chose to drop and attempt to salvage Par.  His approach from just over 90-yards landed over 40-feet from the hole.  It was then that Dufner found the line, took a confident swing, and the ball found the bottom of the cup . . . with authority!

Just an awesome day of golf!  Cannot wait to see what’s in store for next weekend’s Wells Fargo Championship, with the PLAYERS Championship to follow!

The Best Celebrity Golfers

Golf is a favorite past time of many celebrities. While finding time to play their favorite sport can be a challenge given the fact that they are usually busy in their chosen career, such as acting or being a musician, several celebrities are able to play the sport that puts them even competitively with some of the more seasoned PGA professionals. Here are a few of the best celebrity golfers:

  • Lucas Black – The actor, who has appeared in such films as “Sling Blade,” “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” and “Jarhead,” is a successful and skilled golfer on the course. Sporting a 2.3 handicap, Black has had aspirations of joining the professional circuit. When the movie career winds down, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Black find success as a PGA player.
  • Maury Povich – You may have turned on your television sets one morning to find TV host Maury Povich doing his sensationalist best to reel you in to an hour of paternity tests, family infighting, lover’s quarrels, and the like. You may not know that he’s actually a good golfer, as well. With a 1 handicap, Povich says he doesn’t get to play in the winter but still makes time for many of the tournaments that come after April.
    When it comes to other celebs, he thinks Jack Wagner is the best he’s ever seen. When it comes to the worst, Charles Barkley comes to mind. It’s all about the mental side with Barkley. If you are interested to know more about sports psychology, you’re not alone. Find out more at top psychology schools.
  • Vince Gill – The singer started playing golf at the age of 10, finding success in the sport by his time in junior high school. Gill is now a scratch player who has done quite a bit of charity work as well in the realm of golf. He received the Distinguished Service Award from the PGA in 2003.
  • Jack Wagner – Jack Wagner is a former soap star with a plus 0.3 handicap. Golf was always his main love as he started playing, like Gill, at a very early age. After a failed scholarship attempt at University of Arizona, he set his sights on acting. But he’s never stopped working at the craft and improving his golf game.
  • Kenny G – Last, but not least, is the plus 0.6 handicap of Kenny G. Jazz isn’t the only thing he’s good at and he even thinks there’s room for improvement in his game. With an average score that’s better than par, we think he’s doing just fine. To learn more about peak performance in athletes as well as physical fitness in sports, check out the resources section at Sports Medicine Schools.

Beware of Fake Golf Merchandise Sites: US Government Takes Action

It’s like the old adage goes “If it is too good to be true, it probably is.”  I am sure you have seen the ads on the internet for a brand new Taylor Made Burner Drive for only $49.95.  It is hard to resist taking a second look at a $350 driver for only $50.  If you simply can’t resist and go forward with the purchase you actually do get a club, unfortunately this club is counterfeit.

The counterfeit golf club business got so out of control that earlier this week the US Government was forced to intervene.  The U.S. District Court for Southern Florida shut down 175 sites and are working on shutting down another 60 sites.  This type of counterfeit business exists all over the internet and the US Government is doing the best job it can to eliminate the business practice.

Outlets such as eBay are the biggest offenders, they do nothing to monitor their auctions of unrealistic prices for expensive sporting items such as golf clubs.  It is one thing for these businesses to operate on their own site, but listing items on eBay which draws a ton of traffic is the crux of the problem.  If auction sites like eBay do not step up to stop this problem sellers will continue to hide behind user profiles and will be harder to shutdown.

Keepitreal.com is a group that is dedicated to stopping the production and sales of fake golf accessories and merchandise.  The site provides in depth detail on how to ensure that you do not get the wrong end of the stick.  According to the site, over 2 million fake golf clubs are produced each year and this number growing year over year.  Do yourself a favor and check out the site to make sure you are not a victim of counterfeit golf clubs.