Blair O’Neal — Kournikova status? Not yet, but close . . .

For most golfers, the only interaction between sex and golf we experience is the rare occurrence when an attractive Cart Girl is making her rounds during a hot summer day.  We’ve all been there; making stupid jokes, buying that extra beer, giving the larger-than-normal tip; all contributing to the outlandish fantasy that sex and golf can actually coexist with one another.  Truthfully, we have a better chance of shooting a Hole-In-One.  Obviously, this is just one of the many myths and ridiculous reasons which keep 99.99% of us coming back to the golf course.

Then there’s Blair O’Neal, one of the very few who effortlessly bridges the gap between the extremes of Golf and Sex.  If you are reading this blog, then I can only assume that you’ve heard Blair’s name before.  Afterall, in 2008 Sports Illustrated named her “One of the Hottest 50 Athletes of All-Time”.  Just a simple Google search will yield over 3.5 million results — considering that Blair doubles as a professional golfer and a professional model, I highly recommend going directly to the “Images” tab.  Here’s one of my favorites, compliments of

Blair’s name recently surfaced in an announcement from Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday, a website dedicated to golf in Myrtle Beach — courses, packages, events, news, etc.  Last week the site announced that Blair O’Neal will host their Myrtle Beach Golf Buzz program, an online broadcast that will showcase the virtues of a Myrtle Beach golf trip.  I think it’s a fair estimate that this year’s broadcast will set records, and hopefully they can lock down Blair to a long-term contract before she makes her way onto the LPGA Tour.