Tiger Woods Car Accident ?

By now I am sure you have heard about the mysterious car accident that Tiger was involved in early Friday morning.   If you were watching ESPN last night, the bottom line said that Tiger’s wife used a golf club (what a coincidence) to break through the back car window of Tiger’s SUV.  Then she dragged him out of the car to rescue him.  It was then reported that Tiger was drifting in and out of consciousness.  WOW – can this be for real is Tiger ok, where are the details?  It was also reported that there was no alcohol involved – so what was involved drugs, another woman?  Was this a roid rage?  Maybe he does take performance enhancing drugs after all.  Anyway, I want some answers – but most importantly I hope he is ok.

Personalized Golf Ball Scam

Two Illinois men were arrested and held on $1 million dollar bond for running a scheme involving personalized golf balls.

35-year old Marco Maggiore and 34-year old Lloyd Morris were charged with money laundering, mail and computer fraud and theft.

Police investigators said Maggiore and Morris conned dozens of businesses and charities into paying for golf balls to be inscribed with their logos, and never delivered any balls.

The pairs’ featured produce was inscribed Titleist Pro V1 balls for less than a third of their normal cost.