Longest Par 3 in the World?

The 19th hole at the Legends Golf and Safari Resort in South Africa is downright insane.  The tee box sits on the edge of a cliff 1410 feet above the green.    The tee box is so high up that you need a helicopter take a quick 5 minute ride to tee off.  I have heard about this hole, but never saw any video footage until yesterday.  The video below shows Padraig Harrington and Raphael Jacquelin playing the hole and it seems like they are pretty concerned about falling off the cliff after their swing.  Have you ever seen anything as crazy as this?   If so, please share…

It’s All Downhill From Here Putting Game

TheLocalGolfer.com will be featuring golf games you can play to improve your golf game.

•Play for Your Personal Best Score, or Compete Against Friends•
•All Skill Levels are encouraged to Play•

Before You Start / Game Set-Up

  1. Select a Pin/Hole/Cup That Will Be Your Target for the Entire Putting Game.  This target should be selected as to make the golfer perform a Downhill putt.
  2. Golfers must also decide on the length of putt that they will have to sink to earn points – This area should be at least 10 feet away and downhill.
  3. When a length is determined, place a marker to represent the starting/shooting/putting zone.

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to score the most points by making/sinking the most downhill putts from a pre-selected zone on the practice green.
You will need to make the correct read of the green and make a nice smooth consistent putting stroke while getting the ball in the cup/pin/hole.
Most Points is Declared the Winner.

Rules of the Game

  1. A coin toss selects the golfer that will go first
  2. There will be 9 holes/rounds with each golfer receiving Three (3) putts per hole/round – 27 total putts.
  3. All golf balls must start in the approved zone and must hit the bottom of the cup to be considered “GOOD”.
  4. The Golfer with the most points at the end of 9 holes/rounds is named the “Downhill Putting Game Champion”.

In the case of a tie, all golfers who are tied at the top of the leader board will compete in sudden-death challenge – Golfers putt in the same order as the game, and first golfer to make a putt from pre-approved zone in cup wins.

How to Score

  1. Place an ‘X’ for every made putt per round in the Spaces provided on the score card round by round.
  2. X’s = 1 point each (27 points is the highest possible score).
  3. At the end of 9 rounds/holes, all recorded X’s are totaled and the golfer with the most X’s, or made putts is declared the winner.


Variation of the Game
Reading the speed of downhill putts can be a challenge and many times the golf ball goes well past the hole on downhill putts.
To make this game a little more challenging, for every putt that goes more than 10 ft past the hole record an “O” in the space provided on the scorecard.  At the end of the game all X’s are added and O’s will be subtracted to get total score.


When talking about ball position, typically the ball should be placed somewhere between the center of your stance and your left instep.  Remember you want to strike the back of the ball, not the center of the golf ball.

A Great Weekend for Sports

After being away on business for over a week, I was looking very forward to spending a relaxing, long weekend in front of the TV and barbecuing.  It just so happened that this past Memorial Day weekend was one of the better Sports weekends in a longtime.  Just take a look at the line-up for your local sports teams:

MLB: Orioles vs. Nationals, Phillies vs. Yankees, Mets vs. Red Sox

NHL Playoffs: Penguins have been awesome and we’re poised for a rematch from last year’s finals.

NBA Playoffs: LeBron’s shot Friday night.  Need I say more?  Even Tiger Woods and Ray Lewis made sure to check out Game 3 in Orlando on Sunday night.

Upcoming sporting events to take note of:

  • UEFA Champions League FinalWednesday, May 27 – FC Barcelona vs. Manchester United
  • NBA Finalsbegin June 4
  • Stanley Cup Finalsbegin June 3 (if not sooner)
  • US OpenJune 15-21 – Bethpage State Park (Black Course), Farmingdale, NY