Golfer Sued After Ball Bounces Off a Tree, Hits Man in Head

Can you believe this ?  An Omaha man, has sued a fellow golfer for nearly hitting a hole in one. The problem: The hole the golfer almost hit was Miller’s ear. The lawsuit, filed this month in Douglas County District Court, hit his tee shot into Miller’s head, just above the ear, as Miller was walking off the second green.

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Most annoying things on the golf course

By no means am I good enough to join the pro tour, but I am certain that at least 10 strokes every round can be attributed to circumstances other than my golf game. Here’s my list of the most annoying things that consistently occur while I’m trying to enjoy my round — please feel free to comment and add to the list.

  • The Starter – unless they are informative and provide updates on various conditions, then it seems that their only job in the world is to look over your shoulder on the 1st Tee. It’s worse than standing at a urinal while there is a big line behind you; where’s the respect Continue reading Most annoying things on the golf course