Is the golf season over?

So, I went to my normal neighborhood golf course yesterday and the parking lot was empty.  Just two weeks ago this same parking lot was packed full, what was going on?  Yes, it is September 29th which is very close to October, but the weather is still beautiful!  In fact the weather is way better than any weather we had during the hot summer months.  I don’t get it, do people forget about Continue reading Is the golf season over?

Any Given Sunday

By: Jeremy Kaufman

When I went to bed on Saturday night, I knew Sunday was going to be a great day.  For one, my beloved Baltimore Ravens were finally playing again after an unexpected “bye week” due to Hurricane Ike and the resulting devastation to the Houston area.  Plus, a Ravens home game also means a Ravens tailgate, and since I’ve had an entire summer of eating Hot Dogs at the turn during my weekend morning rounds of golf, I felt very prepared for tailgating.  Continue reading Any Given Sunday

Mickelson: Turning a new leaf in the Ryder Cup

By: Jeremy Kaufman

Did anyone else feel like the US didn’t have a chance going into the Ryder Cup with Tiger not playing and with six first time players?  I sure did.  Even with Tiger playing in the past, the US has had a rough time.  Low and behold, Mickelson, the most renowned and best golfer on the US team was paired with the up and coming star, Anthony Kim. Continue reading Mickelson: Turning a new leaf in the Ryder Cup