Mechanicsburg, PA
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Flatbush Golf Course of Littlestown, PA
Got a chance for another round today. It was winding. I have never played there on a windy day. Course conditions were very good. This has always been a challenging course, with long Par 4's (all but one are under 400 yards) and water in strategic locations. The Par 5, Hole #7 is an elegant hole that dog legs to the right and demands that you either go over the water in 2 or lay up and nail the third shot. No problem today. The front nine was wind in your face then wind at your back. Lot's of fun. The back nine is more hilly and narrow and demands shot shaping, especially Hole #14 which is right dog leg with some big pine trees that you can hit over. The next hole, #15 is a really cool dog leg with a 150+ yards of carry over large pond to a narrow fairway that follows the tree line on the left. Then a double dog leg Par 5, #16 straight out, then dead left, then up a big hill turning gradually to a hill top green. Very cool. In fact, the entire course has unique and challenging holes with water hazards, hills and mature pine trees. This a course worth playing many times. The only issue right now is the greens were recently punched, and have not had time to grow, and hard and chip shots don't check up - this will change as we move into a wetter time and when they can finally cut and roll them. A course worth the value and time to play - I did the entire round 3 and 1/2 hours. That's the way it's meant to be played. Not too fast, not too slow and with unique challenges along the way.


Date Played: May 12, 2013
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