Severn, MD
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Lake Presidential Golf Club of Upper Marlboro, MD
We had a special coupon and paid $45 vs. the regular $79 rate, so it was a good deal. I've seen the rave reviews on this course and simply don't get it! It's a decent layout and the course conditions are average, which equates to a $45-$55 rate, not the $79-$99 charged. The course looks beautiful from afar, but you get to the fairways and there are a lot of unfilled divots, some dirt spots, big patches of crabgrass on #5 (I made note of it because it was so obvious), and #18 had big bare spots in the fairway. The greens, though, were in pretty good shape except for two greens which had bare spots. The restaurant on site has great food and reasonably priced. I agree with one of the others who reviewed this course--I do believe there are nicer courses in the area than Lake Presidential for the money.


Date Played: October 22, 2012
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