Washington, DC
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...5 hours of beating the crap out of a golf ball or two. The Lakes is a *very* wide-open hitter's course with a few patches of long rough tucked away that you don't have to work too hard to avoid. Its main characteristic is that it's long, straight and open, a bomber's course. The only thing that makes it hard is the tendency to hook or slice a ball that you're trying to crush out the 400+ yards of fairway (or 225yards of par3) sitting in front of you, and the craftily-placed hazards that cross the fairway from time to time. The lake comes into play mainly in that regard, as a penalty for a hooked or sliced shot. Fun but almost too easy if you have any real distance and control in your bag and without a doubt a lot of work if you don't.

The Oaks is basically the same but much tighter and more vertical.


Date Played: April 17, 2012
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