Mitchellville, MD
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Lake Presidential Golf Club of Upper Marlboro, MD
I played Lake Presidential again for $79 plus tax on Monday September 3rd, Labor Day. I am not sure where some of the players that reviewed the course play, but Lake Pres does not compare to the premium courses around DC Metro Area. This place used to be in pristine conditions about 2years ago. You cannot compare Lake Presidential and Northwest Park Golf Course. I can play these courses for less but with much better greens, fairways bunkers and layout. Lake Pres has one the worse fairways, hole # 5 has been infected by crabgrass, no grass around the bunkers and patches of dirt on most of the greens. The dainage system is a joke. It was a real disappointment. We were surprise when one the workers came to us and apologize to us, concerning the state of the course. The Bunkers were a complete mess, with no sand. Even the lake around the course is filthy and covered by some green stuff. If I’m paying premium fees, I expect premium greens not some landfill to putt on. If given the choice to play at Lake Pres for $35, I’ll take a pass. Overall, course is over rated and overpriced. Food was pretty good and they have new golf carts; they were three days old. Most of the staff were courteous, the Marshall was rude, he told us that we were 20 min behind and we must either skip one hole and play it again later or wait at the club house and allowed the group behind us to pass. However, we were playing hole # 9 and the group ahead of us were teeing off on # 10. So how does he want us to skip a hole. Please somebody help me out.


Date Played: September 3, 2012
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