Parkville, MD
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Lake Presidential Golf Club of Upper Marlboro, MD
Played on a Monday and it wasn't too busy. Staff was very courteous. I have never played here before and they said it was tough, I found that out the hard way. I just couldn't believe they didn't have some type of hole layout on the cart, or the score card, or anywhere really. It made it that much harder since I was hitting blind on many of my shots. Still had fun though.

Conditions were very good, greens fast, very tough. Fairways were a little rough from a lot of play, plus there was a kids tournament or something so I saw some very, very deep divots. It's a shame people don't teach their kids to fix them, especially on a course this nice.

I would definitely recommend this course, but make sure you bring some type of hole layout with you or research it before hand. You don't want to be like me and hit what you think is a great shot until you realize it actually went 30 feet down in a ravine full of brush! Not sure if this place is better than Bulle Rock, but it is definitely close.


Date Played: August 13, 2012
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