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Little Bennett Golf Course of Clarksburg, MD
Not a layout for the faint of heart, or the golfer who can't handle forced carries. Both #9 and #18 require intimidating approach shots over ravines, and it is impossible to get closer than about 150 yards. Fortunately in both cases the greens are large and receptive. There are other holes where bump-and-run golf just won't work, so hackers should steer clear.

In the past this course has had slick greens which were very very tough. They've let the greens grow a bit - probably because they lost some of them due to the heat last summer - so they aren't as fast any more. Still pretty good, but not up to the standards of the various upscale publics in the area.

Marshalls were not in evidence - neither was the starter when we teed off at 2:20 - so our round was a bit on the slow side at 4:40. Maybe that's to be expected on a Saturday afternoon at a fairly inexpensive course, but it still makes me wish we had a golfer education program or something like they do in Germany, where you actually have to pass a test in order to be allowed on a golf course.

It was interesting to me that they've swapped front and back nines since the last time I was here. Don't know why, and personally I preferred it the other way. But #9 and #18 are similar type holes so either one makes for a good way to finish a round, especially if a friendly wager is on the line.

Anyway, for a muni this is course a good value with an unusual layout. Worth a visit if your game is up to the challenge.


Date Played: June 9, 2012
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