Mc Lean, VA
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This is a course locals attend for its admirable qualities other than the quality of golf. The grounds have a history that the seniors which frequent Twin Lakes look forward to reminisce on when they arrive. The course was remodeled a couple of decades after it was built, and besides a few other courses, was up until 10+ years ago was the only decent enough regulation course anyone could really play on. The Lakes is the more old-fashioned of the two and features a more traditional design still kept post-reconstruction. It is one of the better Fairfax County courses, this, the Oaks course on the same property and Laurel Hill, are the Top Three. The greens are very receptive, especially after a dry spell, but the grounds tend to hold water for a while after precipitation. The staff are the same people that play the course, so if aren't one of the group, you are a stranger, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The shop is well-sized, but lacks a selection of equipment, rather, focuses on the apparel, which most people do not need when they arrive. The shop lacks a selection of golf balls, making it up are the run of Titleist, senior-played Pinnacles, and a chest-full of used Golf balls, consisting of mostly Pinnacles and other bulk balls. The Range is quite good, the grass tees are open occasionally during the summer season. The practice green is okay, and the approach-shot area is basically a backyard cut patch with golf holes and pins. The green, however, does not feature practice holes, instead, the punch-in practice pins. The course quality is good when the weather cooperates, but I still feel they can lower the price. And as a warning, don't get spooked when the cart doesn't have a parking brake, it brakes automatically. The executives of the course must make a price compromise and make the cart included in the price for those needing the cart for a round of 18, although if you are up to it, the terrain is easily walkable.


Date Played: May 10, 2012
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