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Lake Presidential Golf Club of Upper Marlboro, MD
So I'm out here with some friends and on #5 my foot slips into an unmarked hole about 2 1/2 feet deep. I hurt myself pretty bad and get assisted back to the cart. Marshal comes by on #7 and we flag him down, I tell him what happened, he saw me with my shoe and sock off in pain and says to me ok I'll get someone to fill it and drives off. Well I can't stand it anymore so I head back in on #8 (I still have not played just in the cart) Once I get back to the pro shop I limb in and tell the Assistant Pro what happened, he replied oh yeah I heard about it. (at that point I was thinking why would you not send someone to check on me). Then I asked for a 18 hole rain check. This jackass tells me the Marshall saw you on #7 I'll give you a 9 hole, I was like are you kidding me I was sitting in a cart with my sock off. I told him to just keep the damn thing but give me the GM number (Troy Miller) now the Assistant Pro was named Nick Miller not sure if they are related. Anyway I emailed the GM and he got back to me the very next day. He apologized for the way I was treated and I told him I'm not looking to sue you I just want my round replaced. Well needless to say he did in a very professional manner. He also told me he just got his job there 3 months ago and was once again very sorry for the way his staff treated me. Troy seems to be a class act and I'm sure the course will do just fine with this man running things. By the way the course was in great shape, I will say the greens were running slow but we did just have rain. I'm so glad we got this resolved because this is my favorite course in Maryland this side of the bay (including Bulle Rock).


Date Played: May 27, 2012
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