Baltimore, MD
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Bulle Rock of Havre De Grace, MD
I played here two months ago and I knew it would be in great shape by now and it was. Once again not many people out there and I can only think of one reason why, price. Listen people this course is tops in the area and when I see people drop 50-80 on places like Mountain Brance I wonder why not spend another 20-30 and play this gem. Top notch all the way around. The fairways are in as good of condition as I have even seen, the greens are perfect and the staff is great. I played in just 3 hours and it should not be that way, this course needs to be played. They should lower their price to 95-100 to get some more action out there but they are still in business so I don't know.


Date Played: May 18, 2012
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