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Pilgrim's Oak Golf Course of Peach Bottom, PA
Pilgrim's Oak was in excellent condition--from tee box to green. The tee boxes were in good shape (although they were repairing some boxes, so had the normal placement moved). The fairways were completely green, lush, and cut nicely. The rough is full and thick, so stay in the fairway. The greens are wicked fast! They are hard to stick, so a better strategy is bounce in front and roll up. Beware of the #15 and #16 greens--they are difficult to hold and the ball will roll backward off the green if not positioned exactly right. The staff is welcoming. My only complaint is the pace of play--although still 4.5 hours, we waited on every tee box due to a couple of really slow foursomes. The marshall was working it, but they slowed down the entire course. It was a beautiful day, though, and the course was in great condition, so it was a good round. Pilgrim's Oak is worth the drive to southern PA. $45 w/cart on a Saturday morning--you can't beat it.


Date Played: May 5, 2012
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