Severn, MD
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Northwest Park Golf Course of Silver Spring, MD
First of all, $75 is too high for this public course...particularly when pace of play was slow. We waited on every shot on the front, but it did spread out a little on the back so we made up some time. The good news: the course is in good shape. Fairways green and filled in nicely. The rough not too terribly punitive. And, the bunkers are the best I've played out of this year, including some private courses. The bad news: the greens were very, very fast--they just don't need to be that fast! The pace was slow. And, the snack bar staff, although very nice and trying to accommodate, were very slow. We almost lost our place on the turn because they couldn't handle the snack bar traffic. Finally, they were about a tee time (10 minutes) behind their tee sheet, which set the tone/pace for the round. Nice layout and plays long, but more like a $60-$65 course.


Date Played: July 2, 2016
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