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Pilgrim's Oak Golf Course of Peach Bottom, PA
With Tee Time Book, $40 on Saturday after 11:00. First trip this year, and am sure will be up more during the Summer. Course in excellent shape. Tee boxes repaired and green (except a couple taken out of play for resodding and repairs). Fairways in excellent shape. Bunkers in best shape I've seen them and didn't see any pebbles/rocks. Greens were a little inconsistent in speed--some very fast, and some very slow. These greens are extremely challenging with lots of severe slopes, tiering, and undulation. Hard to stick a lot of them, especially #17, #15, #3, #7, and #9. My only complaint today was players who lacked etiquette...we had a twosome whistle to let them play through (we were a foursome and on time), but we let them through. They told us no one behind them, only to find out there was another twosome who had caught up with them and with whom they could have paired up, but clearly didn't want to. They would rather play through us and slow down to a crawl so that we then had to wait for them to hit 2-3 balls on every shot and backed us and two groups behind us up! If I had known that, I would have made them stay behind us! I wish people would learn manners and etiquette, but there's nothing you can do about idiots on the course! The course should force more pairings to make foursomes instead of letting people go out in twosomes one after the other--it would prevent this kind of frustration from happening.


Date Played: June 18, 2016
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