Severn, MD
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Northwest Park Golf Course of Silver Spring, MD
I like the layout of this course, but today's round is a mixed review. First, the good news. The fairways are in great shape, even some of the traditionally wet holes, i.e., #13 and #16. The bunkers also were in great shape with nice soft (and deep) sand. Now, the not so good--the greens had been aerated recently so the lines caused the ball to roll off track. Additionally, and more importantly, the pace of play was awful. It took us 4 hrs. 50 mins, which is unacceptable. I flagged the marshall down on #8 and talked with the starter on the turn. No help, just excuses..."Wednesdays is Senior day and they are just slow." Really?? I didn't realize there were different pace of play rules for seniors!! Don't blame this on the seniors--the course should not allow one group to set the pace of play, but rather should marshall and move groups along to fill the gaps. At various points on the course, we could see entire holes open (some par 5's even). I like this course, but I won't be back any time soon. And the clear message we heard from the staff was "...if you don't want a slow round, don't play here on Wednesday." Geez...


Date Played: November 6, 2013
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