Severn, MD
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Little Bennett Golf Course of Clarksburg, MD
$39.95 w/cart and lunch! What a deal! I booked two tee times and we went off a little before time and finished at a nice pace. After 5 straight days of rain, I was surprised how dry this course was. Of course, you had some muddy spots on the edges of the cart paths and at the parking spots around the green; but the fairways had pretty well drained. There was only one I saw which was a little wet...and they allowed us to drive all over the course. The fairways are absolutely beautiful--like carpet. Lush, green, and completely filled in. The rough was long, but that was to be expected due to the inability to cut. The only complaint was the bunkers, which had side erosion and were unraked but overall the course was in excellent shape. Kudos to the Super and his team. Great price for great conditions on a very challenging layout.


Date Played: October 14, 2013
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