Owings Mills, MD
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Flatbush Golf Course of Littlestown, PA
The dead fairways still exist on the back nine. They have had plenty of time to make the necessary repairs. It appears they are not capable.
I like Flatbush and think the staff are super. By now they should have been able to make repairs to the fairways.
Greens were very nice. A little slow from recovering aeration and new grass coming in. Green, with not many ball marks yet. (There will be plenty ball/foot marks soon).
Tee boxes were fair with a lot of crabgrass. Fairways on front nine were fair. Back nine fairways are still an absolute mess.
Not a bad layout. The course is inexpensive and gets a lot of "senior play" like many cheaper courses with senior discounts. (save the comments on "senior play" I don't care what you think, pick up your feet and fix the ball marks)
The people are very nice and they try to please.
I will play again.


Date Played: September 26, 2013
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