Lebanon Valley Golf Club Reviews

240 Golf Rd. Myerstown, PA 17067
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Lebanon Valley Golf Club is a public golf course that features 18 holes of fine golf in Lebanon County. This par 71 golf club is located in Myerstown, PA.
Par: 71 Holes: 18
Phone: 717.866.4481
Range: No
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Lebanon Valley Golf Club Reviews

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Lebanon Valley Golf Club Reviews ~ ( 1 )

Cleona, PA
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1.0 out of 5.0
  Cost: $20
Lebanon Valley Golf Course WAS one of my favorite courses to play in the area. That being said, I will NEVER be returning after an experience I, and some friends, had this weekend.
We got together a group of 4 and made a tee time for right after 3:30 because 1. $20 riding after 3:30 is a great deal and 2. We had a golfer out for just his fifth time and also a first timer. Generally it is pretty empty on a Sunday afternoon so the tee time was perfect for them to take their time and for us not to inhibit the pace of any possible golfers that would be behind us. We arrived, were paid up, and on the first tee box with time to spare. As mentioned it was empty. There was a single guy, whom we let play in front of us for obvious reasons, and NOBODY behind us. We were the last tee time of the day.
Keep in mind this was actually my fourth consecutive weekend playing the course. I really liked the course.
I stopped at the turn to use the bathroom. While leaving the club house the man that took our money (I’m assuming he was the course manager? He is always at the front desk when I pay) made it a point that we took “over 2 ½ hours to play the front 9.” He told me “the carts need to be in by 8:30,” to which I acknowledged and explained the circumstances of the slow play. I promised him they would be back by 8:30 and went on my way. I really didn’t think too much about what he said as it actually was 6:07 when I pulled into the clubhouse and our initial tee time was 3:37 (exactly 2 ½ hours). ALSO, which he must have forgotten, it had rained heavily for a good 5-10 minutes…
I let everyone know that the carts needed to be back by 8:30 before we teed off at the 10th. What would happen in just a couple of hours still has my blood pumping as I have never experienced, or even witnessed such a poor, disgusting display of customer service or what have you. So poor that in any other business setting this man’s job would have been terminated that night.
We kept our eye on the time and kept pace. We arrive at the 18th at exactly 8:12. We were having fun, yada yada, everything was gravy. Off to the right of the 18th green is the clubhouse and even closer, are where the carts are parked. As we approached the hole the man came over and said “pull the carts in!” I was a little baffled considering 2 of us were on the green and the other 2 were a short chip away. I pulled my cart up to where he was standing, parked it, and grabbed my putter. I took a look at the time, 8:25. By this point everyone was on the green. I said something to him along the lines of “we will be done shortly, we still have 5 minutes.” I guess this angered him or something. As I and my partner were on the green I hear him yelling at the other pair in the group. He is still standing next to the cart I just parked. I turn around and he is yelling at me now, “I meant get the sh*t off the cart!” At the same time he grabbed my partners clubs and threw them on the ground.
When that happened, he crossed the line. I finished up real quick, grabbed my partners clubs off the ground, reattached them, and drove our clubs back to my car. I’m not sure if the other pair even had a chance to finish their putts or what was even said to them. I then drove the cart back over to the drop off area – 8:30. He was not out there for me to make a point of this, he was inside making a note of my phone number. I guess I’m black listed or something. Well to that, save your time buddy as you had already lost a customer at that point. And I’m fairly certain you have lost more than just my business as the others playing were just as heated. There are plenty of nice courses in Lebanon County and I will make a point of bringing this up when asked about Lebanon Valley Golf Course by fellow golf enthusiasts.
I hope getting out of there 5 minutes earlier was worth it.